The Birthing Center

Andalusia Health's Birthing Center is devoted to bringing you comprehensive, up-to-date care from our experienced staff and physicians. Our services are geared toward assisting women through the major milestones of life, from planning a pregnancy to managing the transition of menopause.

Andalusia Health has been recognized by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for exceptional quality in maternity care.

Babies Are Our Business

Every year, Andalusia Health welcomes more than 400 babies into the world. As Covington County's primary provider of obstetrics and gynecology, we want our families to experience an environment that is warm, comforting and especially welcoming to their newest family members.

For more information, call the Women's Services Director: Melinda Bush (334) 428-7032

Prenatal Classes

Did you know Andalusa Health provides prenatal classes every other month? From tips on nutrition, to what to expect during childbirth, we'll help get you ready for your new bundle of joy.

Click here to view our Community Prenatal Calss Calendar

To register for a prenatal class, or for more information, call (334) 428 - 7032.

The Birthing Center

 Illustration of a yellow stork carrying a newborn baby.More important than Spring-cleaning. More important than the Nobel Peace Prize. More important than new wallpaper in the hallway. The most important thing in the're having a baby.

At Andalusia Health, we are proud to announce an arrival of our own that should add to the joy of yours. Our Birthing Center is open and ready to go for mother and baby. And yes, we built it just for you.

With five new labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites so you and your baby can stay in one room. New furnishings like birthing beds and rockers for mom; lounger/sleepers and flat screen TVs for dad (cozy like home). A new nursery for baby and a new C-section suite.

You've never seen anything like it before.
Your baby - and our Birthing Center.

Our Location

849 S Three Notch St
Andalusia, AL 36420