Parker and Billy's Threads of Love Donate to AH Birthing Center

September 28, 2016

Andalusia Health Receives Keepsake Packets from Threads of Love

Losing a child at birth, whether premature or full term, is a devastating event that many families are faced with.  The situation is only made worse when the parents have to leave the hospital with nothing to remember their child by.  Linda Trent and Anne Hudson with the Parker and Billy’s Chapter of Threads of Love presented Melinda Bush, Birthing Center Director at Andalusia Health with several packets containing a crocheted or knitted cap, handmade day gown, blanket and diaper for tiny premature infants that do not survive or are stillborn.  Melinda Bush said, “We at Andalusia Health Birthing Center are honored to partner with Parker and Billy’s Chapter of Threads of Love.  While it is our hope and prayer that no one would ever need these precious gowns donated by Linda Trent and her group, we are most grateful to them for providing us with such a lovely expression of compassion and caring, to give to those who experience the loss of their little angel”.

These packets are placed in a handmade case that serves as a keepsake and can be used to store photos of the family with baby and other keepsakes, such as a lock of the baby’s hair.  Each case is embroidered with the words “This child is in the arms of God”.   The gowns, blankets, caps and diapers are used by the hospital staff to dress the infant for the parents.  Also included in the packet is a prayer and a Recognition of Life Certificate where nurses can record the child’s name, date of birth, weight and height.  The certificate also has a place for the child’s handprints and footprints.  This gives the parents memories of their child to cherish in the days and years to come.  

Mrs. Trent founded the Parker and Billy’s Chapter of Threads of Love because infant loss is near and dear to her heart.  She suffered the loss of her twin grandsons, Parker and Billy Mullinix, after their premature birth.   It is her desire to share tangible keepsakes and help those who experience infant loss in making a memory that they can keep for years to come.  Mrs. Trent said, “I wish I could have one more moment to hold my grandsons, Parker and Billy Mullinix, one more time to tell them I love them, one more time to wrap them snugly in a blanket and cradle them in my arms.  Thank goodness that someone devoted their time, talent, and prayers to make the items Parker and Billy wore, take pictures of them, make prints of their tiny hands and feet.  These are all items my family will cherish the rest of our lives and now it is our turn to give back and preserve memories for other families.”   

The Parker and Billy’s Chapter of Threads of Love, meets quarterly at First United Methodist Church at 403 East Three Notch Street, Andalusia, Alabama.  During the meeting volunteers sew, cut out fabric and cardstock with prayers for each package.  Volunteers also knit the caps that go in the packages.  Mrs. Trent said that they accept donations in the form of supplies or money.  Some of the supplies they use are white, pastel pink, blue, green, yellow and lavender cotton batiste, fleece, yarn size 3, and cardstock.  They could also use white single-fold bias tape, 1/4” white lace, 1/4” and 1/8” white satin ribbon, and 18” x 24” clear, zip lock plastic bags and clear two-gallon zip lock plastic bags.   Donations may be left at the First United Methodist Church in Andalusia.  You may call 334-222-5018 to arrange a drop off time.  They request that you donate only new fabrics and yarns.  To make a monetary donation, please make the check payable to First United Methodist Church and write “Threads of Love” on the memo line.

To learn more about this National Threads of Love, you may go to  To learn more about the Parker and Billy’s Chapter of Threads of Love, join the Facebook page “Parker and Billy Threads of Love”.